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In a time of great uncertainty, Children need our help more than ever. Here is one way we can help.  

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is providing the largest online educational resource for children with developmental delays.  We also wish to facilitate online therapeutic sessions using our website, IOS and Android apps.   

We are fulfilling  the mission statement of the Holz Foundation, Inc,  a Florida not-for-profit 501 (c)(3).

What We Offer

Seventeen (17%) of all children are diagnosed with either a cognitive, motor, social, emotional, behavioral, or speech developmental delays according to the CDC.   

There are many struggles affecting the ability to adequately treat our children; including, lack of verifiable resources, therapists, educators, counselors, and support groups.  Our program is designed to address these constant struggles by providing the necessary resources, support groups, and online access to our therapists, educators, and counselors.

Our proprietary library of instructional videos, articles, blogs and podcasts will provide clear and updated information for parents, guardians and educators. A searchable database will be updated as our professionals answer questions and contribute to our articles, blogs and podcasts.

One-on-one therapy will be available with our online video streaming service. 

We will start addressing the following developmental delays: 

  • cognitive, 
  • motor,
  • social,
  • emotional,
  • behavioral (including grief counseling), 
  • speech delays. 

Access to online therapists, counselors,  and educators through our website, IOS, and Android apps will offer consistency, affordability, convenience, power of choice for our members.

Membership Breakdown


The free membership will allow

• the viewing of shortened videos, 

• read articles, 

• read blogs, 

• listen to podcasts, 

• watch training videos, 

• view content in the social groups, 

• have general content delivered to their social media feed, 

• schedule online sessions with our therapists or educators on a fee per use basis. 

The monthly subscription will provide everything listed with the free membership plus: 

• watch the full-length videos, 

• comment on our podcasts, 

• join and comment in social groups, 

• comment on blogs, 

• have tailored content delivered to their social media feed, 

• attend physical and online workshops, 

• receive a membership discount allowing subscribers to schedule online sessions with our therapists or educators. 


Our App!

We are proud to reveal our app! Please watch to learn about all of our amazing features!

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